Wine concept and packaging.
Together with italian wine producer Agraria Riva del Garda we have made two bag-in-box wines named Birgerosso and Birgianco. The consept for the wine is craftmanship and sustainability, and the design is our interpretation of the area from which the grapes origin. Agraria is based in Valle de Lago, at the north shore of Lago de Garda, an area well know for windsurfing, spectacular roads, mountains and lakes, and the illustrations on the box are made up by these elements. 
Release event in Italy
To celebrate the release of the wines on the marked Birgers Oterutleie was invited to Italy to do 3 live events, in 3 different citys, in 3 days. The result was an undefined number of curious doodles in Riva, Trento and Verona. 
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